Get a tattoo with your celebrity escort Mumbai.

Commemorate your sojourn with your Bollywood escort Mumbai by getting a tattoo with your celebrity escort . Both of you could choose a good tattoo parlour on the internet and visit the place.

Avoid a cheap parlour. You are going to be inked for a lifetime so ensure that you select a decent tattoo parlour. Once you are there ask for samples of the work done by the tattoo artist. See the work and check it intricately. There should be no smudging or covering up.

Once you like the neatness and the design capability decide for the body part where you want to get it done. It is also advisable to check your pain resistance to the process if you are getting it done for the first time.

The process involves a needle pushing the ink under your skin. The penetration is about 1/16 of an inch. Tattoos are normally done on visible skin parts. So it could be the shoulder, wrist, ankle, foot, hand etc. You and your hi-profile escort Mumbai decide on the part you want to get it done. It would be ideal if both of you selected the same art form.

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Birds on the thigh or an elephant on the ankle are just some ideas to make you think of the endless possibilities. Watch the tattoo being done on your model escort Mumbai and let her watch when you get it done.

The tattoo dries out pretty fast but you can give it some time and have some food and drinks with your celebrity escort Mumbai.

Once you stroll back to your hotel room let your Bollywood escort Mumbai enjoy the look and adore the tattoo with your celebrity escort She can touch and feel the same while you relax and enjoy the same.

The mild pain you experienced then would now convert into an erotic trigger. When your model escort had enough of it, ask her to lie down and you begin the examination. You should feel and check if the tattoo with your celebrity escort has been properly done.

As a connoisseur of art you should go into the intricate detail of the art form. Soon your caressing and light touch is going to turn into a burning desire!

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