Celebrating Dussehra with Mumbai escort girl

Finally, the festive season is here. We have the two distinct festival seasons that is Holi and Deepawali every year. The festivals are eagerly awaited and the people look forward to having a gala time with family and friends.

Dussehra comes twenty days prior to Deepawali and is looked upon as the victory of good over evil. Ravana the demon king of Lanka was killed by Lord Rama on this auspicious day and the saints who were troubled by the demons heaved a sigh of relief.

I also decided to celebrate the Dussehra festival with the gorgeous celebrity escort in Mumbai in order to weed out the evil stresses from my life. Hence i was gonna celebrate Dussehra with Mumbai escort this time.

We are continuously under stress from one factor or the other in our routine life. The stress is very harmful and a silent killer. This was my idea to do something new and Dussehra with Mumbai escort was something to look forward to.

When I came to know about the very effective stress bursting techniques used by the glamorous Bollywood escorts in Mumbai, I decided to give it a try on the Dussehra day itself. I contacted the versatile escort service in Mumbai and booked a pleasing personality Bollywood escort in Mumbai.

I met the stunning model escort Mumbai at a pre-destined spot in Ville Parle. I was floored by the dazzling beauty who arrived against my booking. She had marvellous features and was dressed in attire that brought out her personality effectively. This day was gong great and now it looked better with the though of Dussehra with Mumbai escort .

Not satisfied by the initial introduction, I took the majestic model escort Mumbai to a nearby coffee shop where I sat opposite her. In these fifteen minutes, I watched her closely and intently so that I could fulfil my desire to my heart’s content.

Over the cup of coffee, I invited her to come along with me to the festival ground where we could watch the effigy of Ravana being burnt.

The ravishing hi-profile escort in Mumbai not only accepted the invitation but was also very excited about the idea of participating in the festival. I found her in a totally different form as she pulled me to every stall that was there in the Dussehra grounds. She tried all the games from throwing the ring to the balloon shooting. This was an amazing Dussehra with Mumbai escort .

She spent time on buying the bangles for herself and then had the street food along with me. I was so engrossed in the activities along with her, that the bursting of crackers suddenly drew our attention to the fact that it was time for Ravana dehan.

I pulled the good-looking VIP escort in Mumbai away from the stalls and we rushed to the forefront to watch the burning of the Ravana effigy from a high visibility point.

We saw the arrow released from the bow of Lord Ram and strike Ravana’s effigy and trigger a blast. The pretty VIP escort in Mumbai was clapping away to glory as the flames started engulfing Ravana.

I was enjoying every moment of the Dussehra festival with her. She had a tremendous amount of energy in her and was hopping from one stall to another in order to try out everything.

Her concern was that she should not miss out on any displayed stall or activity.

dussehra with mumbai escort

In the whole melee, I suddenly realised that I had forgotten completely about the troubles and challenges that I was facing in life.

The nice-looking independent escort in Mumbai had de-stressed me without my realizing the phenomena. In fact, I found myself in a chirpy and joyous mood thoroughly enjoying the event when you spend Dussehra with Mumbai escort.

Suddenly life seemed very interesting as the festival had changed the dull routine I was following. On top of the whole activity, I had the privilege of the company of a smart college girl escort in Mumbai.

I will surely cherish the memories of this festival in the times to come!

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