Mumbai escort Muskaan

Hello there! I am the latest talk of the town in Mumbai and Muskaan is my name. If you have not yet heard about the most dynamic and pretty model escort in Mumbai, you are missing out on some fun.

I tread with care, as I have the reputation of setting streets on fire wherever I go. I discovered my capabilities around three years back when I was in the final year of the college in the city of Bhopal in MP.

Who would have guessed that the shy girl Muskaan would be a leading Mumbai model escort?

Mumbai escort

Bhopal, as you know is the capital city of the state of Madhya Pradesh. I lived here along with my parents and two elder siblings. Being the youngest in the family I had my own place and enjoyed being pampered by everyone.

I had a good IQ and absorbed things pretty quickly in the classroom. With the minimal studies, I was able to garner good marks in the examinations. All through the school, I had a feeling that I was capable of something more and I should work on it.

It was only when I joined a college, I was able to set my sights on a few objectives. The glamour world of Mumbai fascinated me. I enjoyed reading about the fashion shows, catwalks on the ramp, advertisement shoots and the Bollywood movies.

It was only in the final year of my graduation that I set my sights on becoming an independent escort in Mumbai.

My siblings were well settled and leading their lives well. My father was at the retirement age when I shared my intent with him. He was taken aback and felt shell-shocked. He was not expecting a bombshell like this. 

My mother was crying non-stop. I was in a terrible state as this was not what I wanted. Any amount of convincing on my part was not helping. But I stood firm on my decision. I was given counselling sessions and even shown to a psychiatrist to make me change my decision. 

I had to break the family bonds and move to the city of Mumbai after three months, in order to follow my dream. It was a tough call and more of a logical decision on my part. I knew that I would take a hard hit on the emotions and there would be no turning back.

For a girl, at the age of twenty, it was a big decision to take to the life of a novice college girl escort in Mumbai.

Undeterred by the hardships and the difficult circumstances that were staring at me I took my first step of approaching the highly supportive escort agency in Mumbai

After a two hour long discussion with the CEO of the powerful Mumbai escort service, I was selected by them. Elated by my success,

I readily agreed for the training program by the agency for a period of two years where I was to be paid a stipend to just cover for my daily needs.

That was the first step in my journey of fame that led me to become a glamorous celebrity escort in Mumbai. I worked really hard during my training program that not only made me physically fit but also challenged my learning skills.

It was not easy to maintain a tough fitness regime along with a theoretical course of study.

I was tempted time and again to give it up and go back to the comfortable life at Bhopal but I did not relent.

The strong will power that I exhibited during this period of two years along with the resolve to stay with the decision is responsible for my success story of where I stand today.

When I took my first call with a client as part of my final examination I was nervous like any individual. However, all the fear was gone within the first five minutes as I performed convincingly right from the start of the client meeting.

My grit and determination started paying off very soon.

By the end of the first five calls I was being sought after by a number of clients and I had earned the position of a pleasing personality VIP escort in Mumbai.

I was soon meeting the who’s who of Mumbai and my reputation soared as I also got to entertain a few international clients as well.

Today, Muskaan-the hi-profile Mumbai escort is a buzzword in the city of escorts. I invite you to take a plunge and make your life worthwhile.

It is a guarantee of transformation that will see your stresses melt away and give you relaxation and comfort.

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