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We Are Exclusive and Discreet and cater to the specific breed of Gentlemen who demand high quality and appreciate the sophistication the leading companion brings with her.

 0-2 Hrs2-4 HrsOvernight
Startup Model4000080000120000
Overseas 5000010000150000
Struggling Models75000150000200000
High Profile100000200000WhatsAPP
Celebrity Starts @200000400000WhatsAPP

The Mumbai escorts service brings to you the best hi-profile escorts Mumbai at the most competitive prices. The amount of time and effort that goes into the training and fitness of the escorts in Mumbai is tremendous as compared to the rates that we charge for them. For the team of professionals at the escorts service in Mumbai believes in the philosophy of customer is king. They make an all-out effort to ensure that the customer experience is not just satisfying but delightful. That is why you will find all our model escorts Mumbai are intelligent, smart, well dressed for the occasion, engaging talkers and excellent care takers. The time spent with the escorts Mumbai relieves you of all your tensions, provides you relaxation and rejuvenates you for the next day. Here are the rates that we charge for the escort service Mumbai:

The starting rates for a two hour stint or what we call as a one star service is for INR 40,000. If you are lucky you may be able to get college girls at INR 30,000 as well. There are desperate housewives also available for company at these rates. As you move towards the Mumbai hi-profile escorts which include the likes of airhostesses the rates will move up to the INR 40,000 to INR 50,000 range. If you want a brief two hour sojourn with a foreign national escort in Mumbai you can have it in the range of INR 50,000 to INR 70,000 depending on the country she hails from. We have these foreign national escorts in Mumbai coming from Russia, America, Spain, UK and Australia to name a few countries.

The two star service for the full night starts with a basic input of INR 100000. The rates vary with the company that you select. This category also has the entire variety as mentioned above. However if you are the one who would like to spend the evening and night with a Mumbai hi-profile escort and have opted for the 3 star services the rates would be INR 40,000 and above. Here the hi-profile escort Mumbai goes all out with you to the parlors and markets in order to present herself as a perfect model of desire to satisfy your whims and fancies.

Our clients do come to us with the request for Photographs of the model escort Mumbai. This requires you to provide your booked hotel (3star and above category) name and room number. The rate for this specific requirement linked service is INR 40,000 for 3 hours. Also for the selection from photographs you are required to pay 70% advance to the coordinator. Similarly for the corporate category service the rates are again INR 80,000 for three hours, where one of the selected hi-profile escorts Mumbai accompanies you to the corporate meeting or get together.

The classy 4 star category, where you get to spend time with the celebrity escorts in Mumbai will start a cost from anywhere between INR 90,000 to INR 100,000. These celebrity escorts Mumbai belong to the small screen, advertising world, music videos etc. and are rated according to their popularity and appeal. The duration can be for two to three hours or longer depending on the celebrity’s availability and rate settlement.

The final and the most distinguished 5 star category are of Bollywood escorts. The rates are normally in the range of INR 200,000 to INR 10,00,000 depending on the standing and success of the Bollywood escort Mumbai. This service requires a booking time also and the service availability is for three to five hours’ time. There is a necessary requirement of informing the five star hotel name and room number. The 70% advance is also a must for enjoying the time with the Bollywood escort. If you are lucky you may be able to get one of the struggling Bollywood escorts Mumbai at INR 200,000 but the chances are low.

We Are Exclusive and Discreet and cater to the specific breed of Gentlemen who demand high quality and appreciate the sophistication the leading companion brings with her.

All Prices to be confirmed by a Watsapp message with ideal time for booking. No Hush hush affair please as we respect both your and the companion time and cannot accomodate immediate meeting or hourly meeting as the norm is with others.