Shubhangi the versatile escort of Mumbai calling!

I am Shubhangi, the well-known as the versatile escort by name in the deep down streets of Mumbai, where the glamorous Bollywood escorts rule the roost. I invite you to spend an evening with me and experience the transformation in your life from the versatile escort.

Though I have been in this line for a period of three years only, I have gained the right kind of experience to help you come out of your daily stressful lifestyle and feel the relaxation and comfort.

At a young age of 23 years, it looks odd that I am trying to give sermons on experiencing a change in your lifestyle but it is a fact. Those who have experienced it often come back for more and that can give you the confidence to give it a try.

When I was twenty and had chosen the profession of a hi-profile escort of Mumbai, I had a clear-cut vision in my mind to become the versatile escort.

I knew that there was money in this profession but more than that I did it for name and fame.

I knew that it was a tough call and required a lot of determination and hard work but the resolve to do it was always there. Within six months of my career as a gorgeous hi-profile Mumbai escort who was also the versatile escort.

I was touching the heights of glory. My style was not only liked by the clients but also I earned a lot of appreciation for the effectiveness of my techniques.

At the age of 18, I did not have even the faintest idea that I would be the glam model escort in Mumbai one day. I was in college those days and experiencing a lot of upheaval in my life.

On one side I was getting more beautiful by the day and on the other, the hormonal changes were giving me a lot of mood swings. I was suddenly the centre of attraction for the boys who followed me relentlessly and noticed every movement I made.

I did not know how to handle all this at the same time along with my college studies. It took me almost two years to get to terms with life and chart my own course.

When I was in school in the senior classes I did come to know about the Mumbai escorts, but the thought never crossed my mind that I would be the leading celebrity escort in Mumbai in the next five to seven years.

I was a shy girl who was worried about her studies as the marks were not easy to come by. On top of it, mathematics was a real killer.

No matter how much I prepared for the subject the marks never used to be in line with my preparation. Then I decided to take the bull by the horns. I took tuitions in the subject and gave some extra time to Maths.

The results startled quite a few people who never expected that I could score a 100 in Maths. This episode in my life made the base for my self-belief, grit and determination.

Even today, when I am a powerful celebrity escort in Mumbai, I still cherish the same conviction I developed in the school days.

Shubhangi’s innovative techniques are the talk of the town. The clients who book my services with the customer friendly escort agency in Mumbai are on the lookout for something different.

There are plenty of good-looking independent escorts in Mumbai but the clients make it a point to come to me because i was the the versatile escort.

The innovations are visible to them in the form of a variety of interactions that I plan for them. There are some challenges and some familiar grounds and the event unfolds like a video game.

The clients like you love the mystery and adventure. The innovative ideas that I get today have the base in my school days where I used to participate in the lab experiments. My innovations in the experiments were encouraged and appreciated by my teachers.

the versatile escort

Today, I lead the life of a well-established VIP escort in Mumbai.

However, I still believe that you as a client deserve the best. That is why I go all out in my efforts when it comes to giving the entertainment, fun and joy to my clients.

Whether it is the time spent on the sea-beach or dancing it out the whole night with my clients, I adapt my methodologies to whatever situation we are in making me the versatile escort. That is what makes the experience memorable for my clients.

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