Driving lessons for my model escort

The other day I had the privilege of hiring a good-looking college girl escort in Mumbai for company and opt to have Driving lessons for my model escort . She was pretty young and smart. She came dressed in indigo jeans and a mustard top.

She was carrying a clutch bag and wearing black shoes. I was surprised to see her coming on a Honda Activa scooter. She drove it with confidence and parked it with ease.

Normally the ladies prefer to arrive in a three-wheeler or a cab and like to be driven around but this majestic Mumbai college girl escort was different.

I was able to admire her beauty as she walked towards the spot where I was waiting. The place was a park and I had given my location near the statue in the middle of the park.

The gorgeous independent escort in Mumbai had deciphered the location and spotted me easily. I could see the smile on her face from a distance and it gave a pleasant twist to the atmosphere.

The stunning Mumbai independent escort greeted me and as I returned the greetings, she extended her hand and we had a warm handshake.

I was mesmerised with the innocence and elegance of the gracious celebrity escort in Mumbai. There was something about her that attracted me to her like a magnet. On her request, we decided to go to the coffee shop in the marketplace. I was startled when she said that she wanted to drive the car.

I asked the ravishing Mumbai celebrity escort whether she knew how to drive the car. She told me that she had taken a few driving lessons and could drive on the road. I had seen her expertise on the scooty and I believed that whatever she had said was true.

Driving lessons

Once we got into the car, the glamorous hi-profile escort in Mumbai insisted that she will drive the car while I give her Driving lessons on the subject. When I gave my consent to her, I could see her face light up and she returned the million dollar smile which had impressed me so much.

The ravishing Mumbai hi-profile escort looked a bit nervous in the beginning as she practised with the gear shift lever. She was happy when I offered her that I will manage the gears. The pedal and steering management did not seem much difficult to her.

While I showed the intelligent model escort in Mumbai how to operate the panel switches etc. the girl was quick to ask me questions on the other aspects of Driving lessons. She started the car with ease and we were ready to move. To synchronise the gear shifting and the clutch pedal, I would say “gear change” and she would press the clutch pedal.

With the smart Mumbai model escort on the steering wheel, we practised Driving lessons a bit on the side lane before coming on to the main road.

The attractive VIP escort in Mumbai drove with ease to the coffee shop where I helped her to park the car amicably in the basement parking. She was beaming with confidence when we sat down on the coffee table.

I could not stop myself from praising her for her driving skills. The artistic VIP escort in Mumbai acknowledged the same and told me that she loved driving. I had seen her passion for driving when we had barely met.

We talked about a lot of current affairs as we were sipping the coffee. The nice-looking Bollywood escort Mumbai returned her winning smile time and again.

I was enjoying the close affinity with her within this short span of time. The driving training to the elegant Bollywood escort in Mumbai had given me a good start.

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