The eventful bike ride with Mumbai escort girl

Most of the men are crazy about bikes. The bike bug bites them from the school age. They start collecting the bike model and toys which become an important part of their treasure.

Bike racing games in the virtual world are quite popular. You can often see the young boys in the games parlour riding the bike and holding the handle to steer through the traffic on the virtual game screen in front of them. 

As they get into the teenage they start dreaming about a real bike of their own. Once they become adults and have access to money the first vehicle that they want to buy is a bike.

The girls are wired differently and would keep away from owning the bike. However, they enjoy pillion riding the bike. They are a bit scared of speed but are comfortable behind a guy who knows how to drive. 

I was expecting a very similar behaviour from my modern hi-profile escort in Mumbai when I hired her from this popular Mumbai escort agency.

Little did I know that the good-looking hi-profile Mumbai escort had a secret passion for riding a bike? I thank my stars for the fact that she liked pillion riding and not driving the bike on her own. So i was excited too about bike ride with Mumbai escort.

She had been waiting at the meeting point and saw me parking the bike. We exchanged the greetings and became friendly, and then she quickly put in a word of praise for my bike. Like any other young male, I fell into the trap.

She also saw an opportunity to roam the city with a hunk on a CBZee. The witty college girl Mumbai escort quickly drew a journey plan and shared the same with me.

The two lines of praise for my bike from the pretty Mumbai college girl escort made me agree easily to her plan. These girls really know how to have their way with the males.

The first stopover was the coffee shop. This is the first time I closely noticed that the gorgeous model escort in Mumbai wore the tight fit attire with high heels that were apt for a pillion rider on a bike.

When I was having coffee with her I noticed her inherent beauty. Now, I was feeling elated to have a glamorous Mumbai model escort by my side. Now the journey further into Mumbai looked as if it was a fun bike ride with Mumbai escort.

I now walked hand in hand with her towards my bike. The next stopover destination was some 20 KMs away and I was happy doing it.

bike ride with Mumbai escort

My bike has that high pillion seat that makes the pillion rider tower above the bike driver. bike ride with Mumbai escort was on the cards.

The majestic celebrity escort in Mumbai looked stunning in that position behind me. I could hardly take my eyes off the side view mirror which I had angled to capture her.

I could also see the envy writ on the face of the passer-by’s as they eyed the ravishing Mumbai celebrity escort behind me.

After the first five KMs of talking and sightseeing, the nice-looking celebrity escort decided to come closer and hold me tight. It was an indication that the girl wanted some high-speed action on bike ride with Mumbai escort.

For the next ten KMs, I tore through the highway road at break neck speeds.

I was having a high voltage scenario with a bewitching VIP escort in Mumbai clinging to me and dangerous road speed.

I had the situation under control as far as the driving was concerned so I enjoyed the closeness and intimacy.

The pretty VIP escort Mumbai had unknowingly transformed the whole experience for me.

I cherish the fun and enjoyment of the super duper ride to this day.

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