On a shopping spree with Mumbai Model escorts girl

I know that girls are crazy about shopping but I did not know that there are extremes too till I met this pretty celebrity escort in Mumbai when i went Shopping spree with Mumbai Model escort. I had booked the escort with the progressive escort service in Mumbai and the good-looking Mumbai celebrity escort met me at the Churchgate station. She came in a very casual dress and looked very innocent.

I admired her natural beauty and asked why she was not wearing something bright and elegant. She replied that she likes to dress as per the client requirements and was ready to go to the market with me.

I was excited on Shopping spree with Mumbai Model escort to have the glamorous model escort in Mumbai who was eager to get into an attire of my choice. We sat down at a coffee shop to make the shopping plan. She was ready with the sequence- first the top and pants, then shoes and finally the accessories.

This would be followed by the pedicure, manicure, facial and hairdo at the beauty parlour.

The smart Mumbai model escort told me the estimated budget. She clarified that until and unless I went for something exotic, she was ready to manage within that budgeted sum on this Shopping spree with Mumbai Model escort.

I sat down in the chair in the large modern dress showroom. The gracious hi-profile escort Mumbai selected a few pairs of the dresses from the shop and tried them on one by one.

I had the pleasure of watching the nice-looking Mumbai hi-profile escort in a variety of colourful dresses. Despite being confused a little bit I liked the yellow and blue tops with contrasting jean pants. The merchandise was bought and we moved on to the next store.

Shopping spree with Mumbai Model escort

The independent college girl escort in Mumbai spent the maximum time in the shoe shops. We went around to at least three brand showrooms to make the selection of the shoes. She tried all the variety and colours available and the heel styles before finalising the ones that I liked the most.

I bought her five -inch heel black peep toes which also matched the colourful dresses that she had already bought. When the Mumbai college girl escort walked around in the high heels she looked absolutely stunning.

Next, we barged into the accessory shop where the marvellous VIP escort Mumbai bought the handbag, a crooked green bangle set and a sleek looking ladies watch. She already had a beautiful black mobile which went well with her attire.

I could hardly wait to see her all dressed up in the new outfit. That is when the artistic Mumbai VIP escort gave me a smile and told me that patience pays well. She then got into the beauty salon.

I roamed around aimlessly in the marketplace picking up a few things for myself as the witty Bollywood escort of Mumbai took turns to get all the beauty treatments done. When she came out of the parlour, I was relieved Shopping spree with Mumbai Model escort was coming to an end.

I did not recognise her for a moment as her hair was tied up neatly in a bun and she had put on stylish glasses. She burst out laughing on seeing my jaw drop in awe and gave me a tight hug.

As we got back to the hotel room the ravishing independent escort in Mumbai slipped into the new clothes that we had bought. I was totally overawed by the way the majestic independent escort Mumbai had transformed in the last two hours.

When I saw her in the new ensemble it became clear to me that my money was well spent and I had got a well-deserved bargain. The bewitching Mumbai independent escort looked like a damsel out of the blue. I was out of control now!

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