When your Model Escort a fashion expert in Mumbai.

Think fashion think Sonali! (Yes She also happens to be a Model Escort a fashion expert in Mumbai.) That is the mantra I have grown with for the past few years. All my clients get personally involved with me when it comes to organizing and hosting of their fashion shows and events in the market.

They know very well that if Sonali gets into the mood their show would be a hit. Yes, I am Sonali, the blue-eyed hi-profile escort in Mumbai who has taken the fashion world by storm. For the past few years, I have been working hard on the aspect that directly impacts the audience in a fashion show and that is how I make the kill.

It all started a few years ago when I had moved from school to college. I discovered that the shackles that bound me in the school had suddenly gone. The college provided a free environment for me to show my skills and earn some credits for my work. I first got the opportunity during the college fest where we decided to conduct a fashion show.

Six boys and six girls were chosen to participate including me. It was a challenge because I had never walked the ramp before.  I also knew that I had to come out with something unique in order to make the audience take notice.

I picked up some fashion magazines and also looked at the “YouTube” videos of the fashion model escorts in Mumbai. While I could see the dress choices and the walking style I was not finding the unique aspect. I knew it very well that I had to find my own solution to make the impact. It was now or never kind of a situation. I broke the protocol on the ramp and talked with the audience for a minute.

I asked them if they like the dry walk or the one that is interactive. They all supported interactive and I just said: “so it shall be.” I had made the impact on the audience and they took notice. That was the starting point of my career as a leading Mumbai model escort.

girl, model, portrait-1333640.jpg

When the results for the fashion show were announced I knew that I would emerge as the winner and it was so. I collected the trophy and I also knew that my formula had worked. There was no looking back from there. I became a rage in the college. The organisers of any event in the college now wanted to rope me in. My confidence soared and I knew that I had a career in front of me.

To pursue my passion I took up the profession of a celebrity escort in Mumbai. I took the rigorous training under the innovative escort agency in Mumbai. I got a number of benefits in this alliance. My body became very fit and my energy levels soared giving a boost to my libido.

Along with the training, I took the plunge into the fashion shows. The college level contacts were revived and I was able to bag a few references. The performance in the very first show made me famous. Sonali soon became the dynamic VIP escort in Mumbai. Besides my profession as a glamorous Mumbai VIP escort, I participate in fashion shows, road shows, and even advertisement shoots. My performances have the unique characteristic which others are not able to emulate.

Many of the clients who avail my services as an elegant Bollywood escort want to discuss my sojourn into the fashion world. They enjoy hearing my success stories and want to know my USP. They feel a bit disappointed when I tell them that I innovate in every performance. The secret to my success as an expert in fashion and being a pretty Bollywood escort has been the same.

There is always newness in the performance and that is what the clients like. It is not easy to innovate every time as it requires a lot of thinking along with the requisite experience. You also need a strong conviction to do it in order to succeed.

Many of my clients actually take cues from my stories as they find them very inspiring. They book the time with me as an artistic independent escort in Mumbai. We then have long discussions over a cup of coffee and also on the dinner table. The clients enjoy instigating me at times because they want to extract the maximum information from me. I don’t mind sharing my implemented ideas as I know I will have something new in my next endeavour!

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