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Goregaon is located on the western edge of Mumbai, which is also called Bombay. It is a very beautiful place with lush green gardens and shady trees. The weather in Goregaon is pleasant throughout the year.

Goregaon is a beautiful model town with romantic places. The one I like the most is the Goregaon Chawk. It’s a trip for couples because it has an old temple that still has people performing their rituals, and there are lot of trees around it that give you peace of mind to breathe.

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Goregaon offers an amazing variety of places that are perfect for romantic activities. Whether you are looking for some place to have a romantic dinner with your partner, or if you need a place to have a more meaningful conversation with someone special, Goregaon has it all.

The main attraction in Goregaon is the Shukrawar Pahad, a lake. During the monsoon, the water level of the lake rises to a height of around one km and gives you a spectacular view of Mumbai from here.

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